Saturday, April 3

Repairing the Cooked Husband

This year we have returned from our annual skiing holiday with more then we asked for - a cast wrapped around my dear Cooked Husband's arm. As any snowboarder out there will know, it is very easy to catch an edge and topple towards the snow on the board and, as the weather was not so great for us, with lots of white light and snow, this was easier then ever. And so one day I have skied down the slope to my husband to find him cradling one of his hand in the other, saying that he has fallen on it and was not sure if he caused any damage. Long story short, he ended up with a cast over his four fructures!

As soon as we got home I have ordered a couple of trays of wheetgrass and some essential supplements. I did not want to overload his system with new things, so I have settled on vitamin D to be taken in the morning and silica to be taken before bed. My original plan was to make him a shot of wheetgrass twice a day, morning and evening, but as it happened I had hard time making him to agree to have this once a day, and so we started the day with a small glass of super powered green juice. Most of the time this was pure wheetgrass, but some days I got more adventures and mixed a bit of parsley, nettles or sunflower greens in. I have also asked him not to say bad things about the juice as I think it is important that we feel positive about things we are doing, I believe that their power will be then strengthened by our mind.

Well; the first week after the trip my poor husband went to see a specialist here in London and was told that it is possible that he might have a surgery and might end up with a screw in his wrist! This was not something we wanted to hear, as you can imagine. And so my prescribed therapy was accepted more gladly, together with a few hand massages to improve the circulation in the area.

I am not sure if any of this helped but I am very happy to report that the second visit to the specialist brought good news of the bone growing together very happily indeed and now, at the time of writing, there are only 5 days left before the cast will be taken off.

One interesting point for me is that usually people with cast find that their skin itches a lot underneath. Now I have never had a cast, and I would like to keep it that way, so I do not have a personal experience, but still I thought it was great that the Cooked Husband never got this problem until yesterday, more then 5 weeks in. This seems pretty good, though I am sure he would have been happier if it did not happen at all, of course!

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