Tuesday, April 13

Support for the Green Queen

Well, you all know of my last year regular dates for yoga and green juice with my dear friend Denise. As the spring returns and I begin to go and enjoy my green juice or smoothie outside once again, I think back to those days with a happy smile on my face. Oh, well, we still meet, but not as regularly as I am not at home during the week so much and she is super busy with her new web-based business 'The Raw Brides'. She is also VERY busy plotting her escape from dirty busy crazy old London, and that's where you all (hopefully) come into it.

Denise got married to a man of her dreams last summer - and it is my regret that to this day I did not write about the raw feast I had at their wedding!!! - and they both decided to apply for an amazing job - travelling around the world 6 months from a year, researching honeymoon destinations! They entered into a competition for this amazing job and because they are so fantastic they got into the 'semi-final' of 50 couples. The next step now is to be voted in the first ten by public, and then...

Wow, what a great adventure this would be, and trust me, as I know them, they would be so great for the job. They are fun and curious and will try pretty much anything, as they share in their video, and so I would like to ask all of you who read my little musings to click on this link, have a look at their profile and their video, and if you like them, give them your vote! It is not for mine or theirs benefit, really, as we are already married. It is all the singletons about to get hitched that will be sending you virtual thanks from their perfect honeymoons!

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Denise @ Raw Brides said...

Thank you so much - you're very very sweet!